Vitamin E for Hair: If you want long, thick hair, then use Vitamin E capsules in these ways...


Vitamin E for Hair: Hair is an important part of the beauty of both men and women, but if you want your hair to remain long, thick, and strong, then you will have to take proper care of it. Women use many types of hair care products for long and thick hair and as a result, instead of growing, hair starts falling. In such a situation, Vitamin E capsules can help you a lot. Vitamin E is considered very beneficial for hair. This provides good growth to the hair and helps protect it from damage. It is even effective in controlling hair fall. Let us know how Vitamin E capsules can be used for hair.


With coconut oil
- To make hair long, thick, and strong, apply Vitamin E capsules mixed with coconut oil.

For this, take out the gel of 2 Vitamin E capsules in a bowl. Add an equal quantity of coconut oil to it. Then apply from the roots to the length of the hair.

- Keep it for at least 2 to 3 hours and wash it off.

With curd
  - If you want hair to grow faster, then use Vitamin E capsules mixed with curd.

For this, prepare a paste by mixing one cup of curd, one spoon of honey, and 2 vitamin E capsules.

- Keep it on the hair for at least half an hour, then wash it.

- Not only will hair grow, but the problem of dandruff will also go away.


With aloe vera
Applying Vitamin E capsules mixed with Aloe Vera is also considered very beneficial.

- For this, take aloe vera gel in a bowl and add the gel inside 3 to 4 Vitamin E capsules in it.

- Mix both things well and apply them on the hair.

- Keep it for 2 to 3 hours and then wash the hair.

- Hair grows faster and gets shine.
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