Vishwakarma Jayanti: Vishwakarma Jayanti on 17th September, a rare coincidence happening after 50 years..


Vishvakarma Jayanti 2023: Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be the world's first engineer. All machines and tools are worshiped on Vishwakarma Jayanti. Every year Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Kanya Sankranti, which has special significance in Sanatan Dharma. This time Vishwakarma Jayanti will be celebrated on Sunday, 17 September 2023. According to the Hindu calendar, a rare coincidence is taking place on this day after 50 years. Delhi resident astrologer Pandit Alok Pandya is giving more information on this subject.


Auspicious time of Vishwakarma Puja 2023
This time there are two auspicious times for worshiping on Vishwakarma Jayanti, which are as follows.

Puja time – 17 September 2023 from 07:50 am to 12:26 pm.
Second Muhurta of Puja – 17 September 2023, from 01:58 pm to 03:30 pm.

Auspicious yoga on Vishwakarma Jayanti 2023
According to astrology, after about 50 years many rare coincidences are being created on Vishwakarma Jayanti. These include Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga, and Brahma Yoga. It is believed that this auspicious yoga can fulfill all your wishes.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga – 17 September 2023, from 06:07 am to 10:02 am.
Dwipushkar Yoga – 17 September 2023, from 10:02 am to 11.08 am.
Brahma Yoga – 17 September 2023, 04:13 am to 18 September 2023, 04:28 am.
Amrit Siddhi Yoga – 17 September 2023, from 06:07 am to 10:02 am.

Measures to be taken on Vishwakarma Jayanti
According to astrology, after worshiping Lord Vishwakarma at an auspicious time on Vishwakarma Jayanti, offer flowers, kumkum, coconut, and turmeric. Apart from this, donate beverages and fruits to those who are suffering from leprosy.


For financial gain
According to astrology, if you want your business to progress, flourish, and get financial benefits, then for this, chant the Om Shaktape Namah mantra while worshiping the machines at your workplace on Vishwakarma Jayanti. This remedy also helps in the personal development of a person.

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