Virtual Rupay Credit Card: You can easily do UPI with Virtual Rupay Credit Card, know what is the specialty in it..


There has been a rise in the number of payments being made through UPI in the country. To promote UPI, the Reserve Bank of India has launched a Virtual Rupay Credit Card. Now online payment can be done easily through this card.


The benefit of the Virtual RuPay Credit Card will be available in many banks of the country like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank, Federal Bank, etc. After linking this card with UPI, you can make payments easily.

These people get virtual Rupay credit card
RuPay Credit Card will be issued only to those customers who already have a credit card from the bank. If a customer has Visa or MasterCard then he can also apply for this card. After taking this card, the customer can link the new RuPay credit card with his old card through UPI's Sahayak app.

Apart from this, customers who have got credit card in exchange for FD are also eligible to get a RuPay Credit Card.

Key points about RuPay Credit Card
     While using a Virtual RuPay Credit Card, you must take care of its transactions. Whenever you check the credit card statement, you will be shown separate statements for both cards. However, you will be given information about the limits of both these cards.


     Let us tell you that the reward points available on virtual credit cards are different from the reward points available on physical credit cards. You cannot use points from one card for another card.

     Even if the physical credit card is blocked or becomes out of use, it will not affect the virtual credit card. Actually, Virtual Rupay is the card control mechanism of credit cards.

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