Vegetable Face Pack: These vegetables make the skin shiny, applying them on the face will bring natural glow...


Vegetable Face Pack: Vegetables are rich in many nutrients. To keep the body fit, it is advised to eat green vegetables in the diet. Apart from keeping you healthy, they are also beneficial for the skin. You can also apply face packs made from some vegetables on your face. Which makes the skin glow by removing dead skin cells. So let us know which vegetable face packs are beneficial for the skin.


Bottle gourd face pack
Apart from health, bottle gourd is also beneficial for the skin. This vegetable not only cures many diseases but also makes the skin glowing. To make this face pack, prepare a bottle of gourd paste, and add one spoon of turmeric and rose water to it. Apply this paste on the face and neck. Wash with water after about 15-20 minutes.

Potato Face Pack
Potato rich in nutrients helps in removing blemishes and spots from the skin. It works as a natural cleanser on the skin. To make a potato face pack, first wash the potato and grate it. Add one spoon of aloe vera gel it, and apply this pack on the face, after it dries you can clean the face.

Beetroot Face Pack
Antioxidant properties are found in beetroot, which helps in removing wrinkles and dark circles of the skin. Add curd and rose water to the beetroot paste and beat this mixture well. Apply this face mask to your face, and wash it with cold water after about 15 minutes.

Carrot face pack
To make your skin glowing, you can include carrots in your skincare routine. By using this face pack you can get relief from skin blemishes. Take one spoon of multani mitti in a bowl, and add carrot juice to it. Prepare paste from this mixture. Now you can apply it on the face.


Tomato face pack
If you want to bring glow to your skin naturally, you can apply tomato juice. To make this face pack, take tomato juice in a bowl, add oatmeal powder to it, and beat it well. Now apply this pack on the face, and clean it with water after some time.

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