Vastu Tips: Plant a Tulsi plant in this direction in the house, there will be no lack of happiness and prosperity in the house...


The Tulsi plant has been given a special place in the Hindu religion. It is also considered a favorite of Lord Vishnu. But, while planting the Tulsi plant at home, some special things should also be kept in mind.


People plant many types of plants in their homes. However, the Tulsi plant has special importance in the Hindu religion. According to belief, Tulsi is most dear to Lord Vishnu. It is also considered a form of Mother Lakshmi.

It is said that the people of the house where Tulsi lives never face any trouble. Goddess Lakshmi also resides in such houses. For this, it is important for Tulsi to be in the right direction.

Shastri Pandit Vivek Tripathi of Bhopal says that the direction of Tulsi has also been mentioned in Devi Bhagwat Purana. Special importance has also been given regarding its direction.

Pandit Vivek says that the Tulsi plant should be planted at the entrance of the house i.e. the main gate. Due to this, negative energy does not come in the house and the whole house remains filled with positive energy.

Talking about the direction, always plant Tulsi in the east or northeast direction and if possible, light a lamp under the Tulsi plant every evening.


If the Tulsi plant is kept in the right direction and at the right place, then positive energy remains in your house and your financial condition becomes stronger.
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