Vastu Tips: With these Vaastu measures, luck can change overnight, all problems will go away..


How To Attract Wealth & Money: Vastu has great importance in the happiness and prosperity of the house. If some things of Vastu are kept in mind in everyday life, then all the problems of the house can be solved. By following these rules of Vaastu, the negative energy of the house goes away and your luck can shine overnight. The luck of some people does not favor them and even after coming close to success in their lives, they are not able to achieve it. If you too are surrounded by problems despite hard work, then by following some tips of Vastu, all the problems in your life can be removed and you can live a great life. Today we will learn from Tirupati's astrologer and Vastu consultant Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava that by adopting Vastu tips, you can easily change your bad luck into good luck and reach your destination.


These Vastu remedies will brighten your luck
– Lord Kuber is a symbol of prosperity and happiness and resides in the northeast direction of your house. If your luck is not favoring you, then you should keep Kuber Yantra in the northeast area of the house. By doing this your luck will shine and your house will be filled with money. However, you also have to keep in mind that you should not keep heavy furniture and shoe racks in these areas. By doing this negative energy can accumulate.

– If you want an abundance of money in your life, then you should keep a locker or safe as per Vastu. According to Vastu, the southwest corner of the house is considered best for keeping the safe. This area represents the earth element, ensuring stability. With this, your luck may soon change and all your problems may go away. You should never open the safe of your house towards the west or south direction. It is inauspicious to do so.

– The main entrance of your home should be welcoming to both people and cosmic energy. If this does not happen, you do not get the full support of luck. You should ensure that the locks on the door are working properly and there are no cracks of any kind in the door. You can hang name plates, plants, and wind chimes near the entrance of the house to attract wealth. With this, there will never be a shortage of money in your house.

– If you want to get rid of bad luck, then you should arrange food and water for birds in an earthen pot on your terrace every day. With this your problems gradually end and your misfortune starts changing into good fortune. Along with this, water should also be arranged for the animals outside your house. This also improves your luck. The place where food and water are kept should be properly cleaned.


– Light a lamp under the Tulsi tree every evening. This brings positivity to the house. Also, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi Devi always remain with you. With this solution, the financial crisis of your house can be solved in just a few days. Apart from this, sprinkle Ganga water in the northeast corner of the house every day after bathing. By doing this the negative energy of the house will be removed and Ashta Aishwarya will be created.

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