Vastu Tips: Where should the toilet be in the house according to Vastu Shastra?


Vastu Tips: It is important to follow the rules of Vastu Shastra, it affects your life. Let us know in which direction the toilet should be in the house.

It is very important to follow the rules of Vastu while building a toilet in the house. In which direction should the bathroom be in the house, let us know which direction is the best for this.

If you are also getting a toilet built in your new house, then remember that the best direction for this is the East Direction.


If we talk about the second direction after the East Direction, then the North Direction is considered the most appropriate. Building a toilet in this direction does not cause any kind of problem in life.

The toilet seat should be facing the North or South direction. One should never sit in the toilet facing the East-West direction. Also, South and West directions are also considered the best for building a toilet. You can build a bathroom in all these directions.

Take special care that the kitchen should not be in front of the toilet, this causes Vastu Dosh.


If your house is also built in old times and it is difficult for you to follow the rules of Vastu. Then to remove Vastu Dosh, you should always keep the main gate of your house clean. Try to make the threshold of the house a little higher and use wood. Install the idol of Ganesh ji on the main gate.

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