Vastu Tips: These things present in the house become the cause of terrible Vastu defects, make these changes today...


Vastu Tips For Home: According to Vastu Shastra, positive or negative energy is generated from every corner of the house, which has a good or bad effect on the life of every member living there. Sometimes there is a bad effect on a person's progress and health. One or the other member is always lying ill. Even there is a bad effect on married life. Every small thing becomes the cause of a big dispute. According to Vastu, defects are caused due to the things present in the house. Let us know which changes in the house can get rid of Vastu defects.


Make these changes in the house to avoid Vastu defects
Do not paste the picture on the wall

According to Vastu Shastra, pictures or posters should not be pasted on the wall of the house. According to Vastu, it causes maximum Vastu defects.

Do not keep such idols in the temple
According to Vastu Shastra, the pujas present in the house have the greatest impact on the lives of the household members. That's why such idols or pictures should never be kept in the temple, due to which negative energy is generated. That's why never keep such idols in the house other than Maa Kali in standing posture, which is fragmented or broken.

Do not open doors and windows in this direction
The windows and doors in the house should never be made such that they open outwards while opening. The head of the house has to face many difficulties along with mental stress due to the opening of the doors in this way. According to Vastu Shastra, the doors and windows of the house should always open inwards. This does not cause Vastu defects.

Do not let these birds enter the house
According to Vastu Shastra, the house where bats reside, there always remains Vastu Dosha. Once the bats come, the Vastu defect remains for about 15 days. That's why some measures should be taken so that they do not come into the house.


Kitchen door should not be like this
According to Vastu Dosh, the door of the kitchen present in the house should not be in such a way that the stove is placed in front of it. According to Vastu, it is considered to be the cause of Vastu's defect.

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