Vastu Tips: Remove these things from children's rooms immediately, bad habits develop and they become stubborn.


Vastu Tips: Every parent wants to give their child everything that is great for their development. While making a child's room, many things should be kept in mind. Which things should not be kept in the children's room.

Vastu Tips: While making a house, Vastu rules should be followed properly. According to Vastu Shastra, whether it is a child's room or any corner of the house, there are different rules for the place, it is important to follow them otherwise it affects the child's development.

If you are setting up a child's room in the house, or designing it, then do not get these things installed in the children's room even by mistake. Or if your child has these things installed, then get them removed immediately.

Do not keep these things in the children's room

Do not plant plants in the children's room. Many plants are such that they can prove to be dangerous for children. That is why try to keep plants away from children's room. Also keep children away from sharp or allergy causing plants.

Do not keep TV or other electronic gadgets in children's room. If there is a TV in your child's room, then remove it immediately, because due to the presence of TV in the room, the child's attention remains on the TV most of the time.

Tab, mobile should be removed from the children's room at night while sleeping. Their energy is not good for children.

Mirrors should not be installed in children's room. If there is a mirror in your child's room, then remove it immediately. Mirror has a negative impact.

Always get light coloured paint done in children's room. Soft colours are pleasant and look good for children. Light green, light blue, light yellow, light purple.

If there are posters of fights in children's room, then remove them immediately. Such posters have a negative impact on children.

Always put posters of things related to studies or motivational quotes of life in children's room.

Make sure to teach children to keep their room clean.

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