Vastu Tips: Plant these 5 plants in the house, it will remove Vastu defects, happiness and prosperity will reside...


Good Luck Plants: There is continuous happiness and prosperity in the house only when there is no Vaastu defect in the house. If inauspicious things are happening continuously in your house, the health of family members is deteriorating or you are facing a financial crisis then there may be some Vaastu defect in the house. It is not good to have negative energy instead of positive energy. If you are also surrounded by all these problems and want to get rid of them, then plant some plants in your house that have positive energy. These trees and plants leave a very auspicious effect as per Vastu. The health and financial condition of the family members also remains good because Goddess Lakshmi resides in these trees and plants. His blessings always remain in the house. Know about five such plants which are very auspicious to keep in the house.


Which plants should be planted at home?
Tulsi- According to Pt. Hitendra Kumar Sharma, planting a Tulsi plant at home is very auspicious. Tulsi is considered a sacred plant. If there is any kind of problem in your house, if nothing good is happening then it is probably due to Vaastu defect. You should plant this plant on the balcony of the house in the east, north, or north-east direction. This will remove negative energy from the house. Happiness, peace, and prosperity will remain. Mother Lakshmi's blessings will always be upon you.

Crassula removes financial problems- The Crassula plant is considered very auspicious. It removes Vaastu defects and infuses positive energy into the house. Plant it inside the house, and the special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will remain on the family members. Will not have to face a financial crisis. If you want to keep Crassula at the entrance, then keep it in the right direction. If you are financially troubled and are not progressing in your job, then you can take the easy solution of planting a Crassula plant.

Money plant brings happiness to the house - If there is discord, discord, or negative energy among the members in your house, then definitely keep the money plant in the house. It is believed that money plant increases happiness. Planting this plant at the main entrance increases happiness and prosperity. Mutual love remains.


Bamboo plant is the best - You must have often seen a bamboo plant installed on the center table, study table, or bed side table of the room in many homes. Actually, planting bamboo plants brings positive energy into the house. It is believed that as this plant grows, prosperity and progress in home and life also increase. Without any delay, you should also buy a sapling of bamboo plant and bring it home.

Snake plant is useful - If you want all the problems and troubles to go away from your life, then bring a snake plant home and plant it. It also purifies the air in the house. You can choose this plant to maintain happiness and prosperity in the house. It removes Vaastu defects and transmits positive energy.

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