Vastu Tips: Place a picture of Lord Krishna as per your wish, happiness and prosperity will come in your life...


Vastu Tips: In Vastu Shastra, the auspicious and inauspicious results of all the things kept in the house are mentioned. Because they have a direct impact on our lives. In Vaastu, it is mentioned in the scriptures to put pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the house for freedom from the financial crisis, love in marital life, the career of children, and happiness and peace in the home. Lord Shri Krishna is one such god who has not only influenced our culture, music, and craftsmanship but has also given the message of selfless love, friendship, and service. By imitating their qualities a person can gain energy, intelligence, power, and self-confidence. Worship of Shri Krishna, the symbol of a complete life, brings happiness, peace, health, and benefits and it also has great importance in removing Vaastu defects. Which form of Lord Krishna should be installed in the house, workplace, or for any special purpose so that God can be pleased and remove the negative energy there and remove the problems of his devotees?


For love in married life
If there is always discord between husband and wife or there is a daily quarrel between them, then to bring sweetness to the marital relationship, it is good to put a painting of a dancing peacock or Radha-Krishna in an embrace in the north direction.

To have a child
Couples who wish to have a child should put a picture of Shri Krishna's child form or a cow calf in the bedroom. It is believed that seeing the child form of Shri Krishna during pregnancy has a positive effect on the child.

To cope with adverse circumstances
If there is lack of mutual coordination and confidence among the family members or if any sudden calamity has befallen you, then the picture of Lord Shri Krishna holding the Govardhan mountain on his finger should be placed in such a place from where your eyes fall on it again and again. While placing the picture, keep in mind that apart from Shri Krishna, there should also be a cowherd-child and friend along with him in the picture.

To increase the feeling of devotion
To maintain religious sentiments among the family members, it is very auspicious to put a picture of Meerabai worshiping Shri Krishna or singing bhajan in the east or north direction. Placing this picture in the house also strengthens mutual trust among the family members.

For courage and success
To get fearlessness, enthusiasm, courage and success in life, it will be very beneficial to put a picture of the child form of Lord Shri Krishna dancing in the water of Yamunaji on Kaliya Naag in the north direction of the house.


There will be no shortage of food and money
If there is ever a shortage of any food item in your kitchen and there is any Vaastu defect in the kitchen, then placing a picture of Laddu Gopalji eating butter in the east direction will be very auspicious. Keep in mind that while cooking, do not spoil the food.
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