Vastu Tips: Pay special attention to these things while planting Shami plant, happiness and prosperity will come to your home...


Vastu Tips: In Sanatan Dharma, everything has a story and significance behind it. The same is the case with the Shami tree. The Shami tree is considered a symbol of Lord Shani. Also, according to astrology, it is considered very auspicious. It is said that people who have Shami plants in their houses never have to face any problems.


But some precautions regarding the Shami tree have also been mentioned in the scriptures, which are very important to follow. So let us know-

Plant the Shami tree in a clean place
It is said in astrology that shoes and slippers should not be kept near the Shami plant even by mistake. By doing this Lord Shani Dev gets angry. Also, such people have to face the wrath of Lord Shani. Therefore, plant the Shami plant in a clean place or keep it clean near that place.

Keep basil plant away
According to religious beliefs, the Shami plant is very dear to Lord Shankar. Along with this, Tulsi is prohibited in Shiva worship. In such a situation, one should not plant a Tulsi plant near the Shami tree even by mistake.

Keep these things in mind
Offer water to the Shami plant daily.

Do not plant the Shami plant in the south direction even by mistake.
It is considered auspicious to plant a Shami plant near the main entrance of the house. ,
According to astrology, the Shami plant should always be planted in the east or northeast direction.
Light a sesame oil lamp daily in front of the Shami plant.
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