Vastu Tips: Must do these works at the time of sunset, happiness, and prosperity will be drawn...


Vastu Tips: Every person wants that there should be happiness and prosperity in his life. For this man makes many efforts and takes care of his and his family's happiness. But sometimes knowingly or unknowingly some such things are done which can indirectly affect a person's life and put him in trouble. In this subject, measures have been given in the Hindu religion at the time of sunrise and sunset, by doing which man can get many benefits. Bhopal resident astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma is giving more information on what work that should be done and what work should be avoided.


Keep light in the house
According to religious beliefs, keep in mind that there should never be darkness in any corner of the house at the time of sunset. Keep light everywhere by lighting a lamp. By doing this, wealth grains, and happiness, and prosperity remain in the house.

Worship the sun
According to Vastu Shastra, saluting the rising and setting sun is considered extremely auspicious. By doing this, the atmosphere of your house remains pleasant and peaceful.

Light a lamp in the house of worship
According to Vastu Shastra, a lamp must be lit regularly at the time of sunset in the house of worship. By doing this, there is no shortage of money and grains in the house.

Pay homage to the ancestors
According to religious beliefs, at the time of sunset, we should bow down to our ancestors and light a lamp in front of them. By doing this, the blessings of the ancestors are received and the crisis that comes upon us goes away.

Should not?
Don't lie on the bed- According to religious belief, one should not lie on the bed at the time of sunset. If you are sleeping then get up immediately. Poverty resides in the house by sleeping or lying down at the time of sunset.


Never come home empty-handed – According to religious beliefs, whenever you come back home at sunset, you must bring something with you. By doing this, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi remains.

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