Vastu Tips: Keep 5 things in the bedroom, love will dissolve in the relationship between husband and wife...


Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life: In today's changing times, everyone wants a happy married life. It is a very difficult task to spend a life with lots of laughter and happiness in a busy life. Due to all the responsibilities and work, most of the couples are not able to give enough time to each other, due to which distance starts coming between them. After marriage, people adopt various methods to keep the relationship happy for a long time, but still, they have to face problems in married life. At present, this problem is increasing rapidly and the distance between married couples is increasing. If we keep some Vastu tips in mind, we will be able to make our married life happy and colorful again. Vastu tips will not only make married life happy but will also increase mutual love between husband and wife. Also, there will be no shortage of money in the house.


Married couples should keep these 5 things in their bedroom
According to Vastu consultant Krishna Kumar Bhargava, to increase love and reduce fights between husband and wife, everyone should keep a mirror in their bedroom. According to Vastu, it is considered good to keep a mirror in the bedroom. However, do not keep the mirror right in front of the bed.

– Married people should keep pictures of love birds in their bedrooms. It is considered very auspicious in Vastu. By doing this the couples will feel love for each other. This picture is a symbol of love and keeping it in the bedroom always keeps the love between the couple.

– Staying away from electronic items can also make your life happier. According to Vastu, electronic devices should never be kept in the bedroom, because it reduces positive energy and has a bad effect on your relationship. Keep mobile, laptop, etc. away from the bedroom.

– Often people keep flowers to decorate their bedrooms, but they should never keep withered and thorny flowers in their bedrooms. By doing this the tension between husband and wife increases. According to Vastu, fresh and blooming flowers should always be kept in the bedroom. This will increase love in the relationship.


– Do you know that keeping a money plant in the bedroom is considered beneficial for married couples? According to Vastu, keeping a money plant in the bedroom is considered auspicious, because it is a symbol of Venus. This sweetens the relationship between husband and wife and increases the love between them.
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