Vastu Tips: If there is continuous loss in business, then adopt these simple Vastu solutions for profit...


Vastu Tips for Business: Do you also not get expected profits in your workplace? Or do the employees become dissatisfied and leave the job? So in such a situation, you need to pay attention to the Vaastu of your workplace. If you keep some things in mind at your workplace, you can also reach new heights in the workplace.


The plot should be like this
For a business place, always choose a plot of land which is wide at the front and narrow at the ends. This is called the Shermukhi plot. Also, keep in mind that the business place should be on or near a commercial road. This gives a boost to your business.

Where should the main door be?
The main entrance of the office should be in the east or north direction because these directions are considered to be the entrance of positive energy. Take special care that no heavy items should be kept at the entrance, this obstructs positive energy.

Take special care of directions
Always keep in mind that electrical appliances etc. should be in the south-east direction. The room of the head of the business should always be in the south-west direction and he should sit facing north. The head's back should not be towards the picture of God.


The office desk should be like this
The owner's office desk should be square or rectangular in shape. According to Vastu, this makes it easier to make decisions. If there is any shape other than this then the owner may have to face difficulties in making decisions.
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