Vastu Tips: How to know if there is a Vastu defect in the house?


Vastu Tips: Following the rules of Vastu is very important for the peace and happiness of the house. If you are also facing problems at home, then definitely check whether there is a Vastu defect in your house.

Vastu Tips: In today's time, the rules of Vastu are definitely followed while building a house or office. The rules of Vastu Shastra should be followed. According to Vastu, the rooms, hall, kitchen, temple, bathroom and bedroom of the house should have a particular direction. If all the rooms are built according to their direction, then there is no Vastu Dosh in the house and the people of that house and family live a happy life.

How to know if there is Vastu Dosh in the house?

If the people in the house are repeatedly facing financial crisis, or the money of the house does not last, or financial problems are arising from time to time, then it means that there may be Vastu Dosh in your house.

If people in someone's house are falling ill again and again, one after the other, the members of the house are getting sick, then there may be symptoms of Vastu Dosh in that house.

In the house where there is Vastu Dosh, the people have to face mental tension. Due to which many times such people lose their balance. Such people often get angry more than necessary or do not get sleep due to which problems like migraine are seen. People who have Vastu Dosh in their house often fail despite working hard. Many times you have to face problems due to the main door of the house not being in the right direction. Remedies for Vastu Dosh Many measures are taken to avoid Vastu Dosh. You can install a Yantra to get rid of Vastu Dosh. Yantra is installed at those places where the Vastu of the room or place is not right. As a remedy for Vastu Dosh, get Vastu Shanti recited. Chant mantras, chanting mantras keeps the environment of the house positive.

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