Vastu Tips: From the pigeon's nest to its guttural sound, know its auspicious or inauspicious signs...


Auspicious Or Inauspicious About Pigeon: Many times some birds make nests in the house. It is told in Shakun Shastra that pigeons are devotees of Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, the pigeon is considered auspicious. But in many circumstances, it also gives inauspicious signs. Let us know the auspicious or inauspicious signs associated with pigeons.


When does a pigeon give an auspicious sign?
It is believed in Shakun Shastra that when a pigeon comes to your house without making a nest, then it is a very auspicious sign. Therefore, when they come to your house, feed them grains.

What does astrology say?
It is also believed in astrology that feeding pigeons strengthens the position of Jupiter and Mercury in the horoscope. Apart from this, the arrival of pigeons increases positive energy in the house.

Which sign is to make a pigeon's nest?
Even though pigeon is considered auspicious in divination and astrology. At the same time, making its nest in the house is not considered auspicious. Shakun Shastra believes that making a pigeon's nest in the house is inauspicious. Pigeon making a nest in the house invites bad luck.

When you hear the cooing of a pigeon
According to Vastu Shastra, if pigeons coo in the first quarter of the day, it means that you are going to get benefits. But if you hear the cooing of a pigeon in the fourth quarter, it means that you may suffer a loss in some work.


Suddenly find a pigeon
According to Vastu, if a pigeon suddenly flies from your right side while going out, then it is not auspicious for you. Whereas the pigeon flying over the head indicates the removal of all the troubles of life.
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