Vastu Tips For Tulsi: Do not keep these 5 things near Tulsi at all, otherwise you will become poor...


Vastu Tips For Tulsi: Tulsi plant has special importance in Hinduism. It is believed that in the house where Tulsi is worshipped, there is always the grace of Lord Vishnu along with Mother Lakshmi. Due to this, Tulsi is considered sacred and worshipable. According to Vastu Shastra, positive energy resides in the house by having a Tulsi plant. But many times Tulsi related to making some small mistakes due to which there is a bad effect on the life of the person. Know about some such things which should not be kept near the Tulsi plant at all.


Do not keep these things near Tulsi
The idol of Ganesh ji

According to a legend, once Ganesha was meditating on the banks of the river. Only then Tulsi came out from there and was fascinated by her beauty and proposed marriage to her. In such a situation, Ganesh ji refused him. Because of this Tulsi ji got angry and cursed Ganesh ji for two marriages. For this reason, the idol of Ganesha is not kept near Tulsi, nor is Tulsi offered to him.

A broom should never be kept near the Tulsi plant because the broom is used for cleaning the house. That's why keeping it near the Tulsi plant leads to poverty in the house.

Shoes and slippers should never be kept near the Tulsi plant. Because by doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is insulted. Due to her anger, a person may have to face a financial crisis. Apart from this, footwear is also considered the symbol of Rahu and Shani.

According to Vastu Shastra, Shivling should not be kept near the Tulsi plant at all. Because Tulsi is dear to Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, Tulsi's previous birth name was Vrinda, and she was the wife of a demon named Jalandhar. But being troubled by Jalandhar's tyranny, Shivji killed him. Because of this, Tulsi is not used in the worship of Shiva.


Trash box
Dustbin should never be kept near Tulsi. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping dirt around the Tulsi plant causes economic loss.

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