Vastu Tips for the Bedroom: Strengthen Your Husband-Wife Relationship with These Bedroom Arrangements


Vastu Tips: To maintain sweetness in married life, it is very important that the Vastu of your house and the Vastu of the bedroom is correct. According to Vastu, the bedroom of the husband and wife is very important for love in married life. To avoid any estrangement between the husband and wife and to have happiness in their life, it is important that their bedroom is in the right place. Along with this, its direction, color of the walls, mirror, toilet, furniture etc. should be in the right place. If all these are unbalanced, problems like quarrel, stress, health related problems can arise. Let us know from Vastu expert Anita Jain about the bedroom according to Vastu for married couples.

The choice of direction should be right
In Vastu Shastra, some rules of a happy married life have been told, according to which by having a bedroom in the south-west zone of relations, attachment and efficiency, the husband and wife continuously gain efficiency in their respective tasks and both together take full care of their family. Similarly, couples can make their bedroom in the north-north-west direction of love and attraction to live their married life. Having a room in this direction strengthens their mutual relationship, which will keep love in life. The west zone is of benefits and achievements, so a bedroom built in this zone is best for the couple to gain benefits and wealth in every area of ​​life.

Avoid this direction
Husband and wife should avoid placing the bed in the room of the north-east direction or in this direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the lord of the north-east direction is Guru, which brings lack of enthusiasm in sexual relations, due to which married life becomes dull and there is also a lack of coordination between them. Having a bedroom in the south-east direction of fire makes the behavior of the husband and wife unnecessarily aggressive and many times getting angry on small things becomes a habit, due to which there is a rift between the two. Both of them are busy finding faults and flaws of each other, which can also become the reason for breakup. Also, having a bedroom in this angle increases unnecessary expenditure.

Which direction to sleep and where not to sleep

According to Vastu, always sleep with your head towards South or East, so that you can get long life and deep sleep. Just like the Earth has its North Pole, in the same way the brain part of the human body is considered its North Pole. Therefore, for complete and pleasant rest, you should always sleep with your head towards the South Pole so that the magnetic waves can flow in the right direction. On the contrary, sleeping with your head in the North direction will block the magnetic flow and spoil it, due to which you will not be able to sleep properly.

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