Vastu Tips For Roti: Keep these rules in mind while making roti, otherwise poverty may come to the house...


Vastu Tips For Roti: In many parts of India, roti is an important part of the dinner plate. In many homes, roti is made daily. But in Vastu Shastra, many rules have been made, from kneading flour to making roti, which are important to keep in mind. If these rules are ignored, a person has to face bad consequences.


Do not use this flour
It is said in Vastu Shastra that flour should never be kept in the refrigerator after kneading it. Nor should this flour be used for making roti. Use of stale flour increases discord in the family. Stale bread is related to Rahu. Therefore, one should avoid eating stale bread. You can give these rotis to the dog.

For whom should the first bread be taken out?
According to Vaastu Shastra, rotis should never be made by counting them, rather more rotis should be made than required. In Hindu religion, there is a provision to take out the first roti for the cow and the last roti for the dog. Also keep in mind that the stove on which you make roti should always be in the southeast corner i.e. south-east direction of your kitchen. Also, while making roti, your face should be towards east.


Goddess Lakshmi gets angry with this work
After making roti, the rolling pin and rolling pin should always be kept clean. If you leave the rolling pin and rolling pin after making roti, you may have to face inauspicious consequences. Besides, by doing this, Goddess Lakshmi may also get angry and leave the house.

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