Vastu Tips For Happiness: Happiness should always remain in the house, so adopt these Vastu rules today...


Vastu Tips For Happiness: In today's time everyone has a dream that he has his own house which he can decorate according to his wish. But many times this dream comes true, but after that many problems like physical, and financial also start. According to Vastu Shastra, the main reason for this can be the things present in the house and also their direction. Some of the other direction has been set for every object, which if kept properly has a good effect on the health and well-being of the people living in that house. Know some such Vastu tips, which will bring happiness and prosperity to the house.


Right direction of worship house
According to Vastu Shastra, there must be a room or a corner in the house that is completely dedicated to prayer or meditation. That's why there must be a place for worship in the house. Just keep in mind that choose the Ishan angle for the worship house. Along with this, it should not be near the bathroom at all.

The direction of water tank
There must be a definite place to store water in the house. If you want to avoid Vastu defects from happening in the house, then keep the water tank in the north direction of the house. Along with this, keep cleaning it regularly.

No such showpiece in the bedroom
There should never be a water fountain showpiece or picture in the bedroom. This spoils mutual relations.

Get this color done at home
While painting your house, keep in mind that this also generates more positive energy. Therefore, you can paint your house in natural colors like white, green, and sky blue. This will also improve the health of the whole family. On the other hand, those who want to be optimistic can also get yellow and orange at home.


Make an entrance in this direction
Every person knows very well that the main door of the house is the most important part of it. That's why it should be kept according to Vastu. By doing this, happiness, prosperity, and good luck comes into the house. Hence the best direction for the entrance is North or East.

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