Vastu Tips for Anger: If you want to reduce your anger, then adopt these Vastu tips..


Vastu Tips to Control Anger: Getting angry is a natural process. But when a person gets angry excessively or on every small thing, it not only affects his personality but also his health. Today we are going to tell you some Vastu remedies with the help of which you can control your anger.


Don't sleep in this direction
According to Vastu Shastra, sitting or sleeping in the south-east direction (fire angle) increases anger, hence if a person's anger is increasing, then first it should be ensured that the person's sitting or sleeping place is not in the fire angle. Is. Also, in the office, the employees who sit in the corner of the fire start becoming aggressive in nature.

Keep these things in mind while sleeping
While sleeping, always turn your head toward the east or south direction. Sleeping with a crystal ball or a piece of alum in a plate near the pillow provides relief from this problem to a great extent. Apart from this, never keep any heavy items in the east direction.

Use this colorless
According to Vastu Shastra, if a person gets very angry, then keep in mind to minimize the use of red color. Use red color sparingly on walls, bedsheets, curtains, and cushion covers. It increases anger so avoid its use.


Do these things to control anger
It is also believed in Vastu Shastra that dirt also increases anger. In such a situation, every corner of the house should be kept clean. This helps in controlling anger. Also, according to Vastu, you will be able to control anger by lighting a lamp in the east direction of the house every morning and evening.
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