Vastu Tips: Follow these Vastu rules before putting paintings on the walls, your life will be filled with wealth


People often put paintings on the walls to enhance the beauty of the room. Usually people like many types of paintings. But according to Vastu, it is very important to keep some things in mind before putting paintings on the walls. This is because these paintings are in front of us all day, and it also affects our income and health. According to Vastu Shastra, paintings and pictures put on the walls can also affect the positive and negative energy of the house. Let us tell you that Vastu is the science that helps to control the five elements of any place. So let us know in detail in this article what kind of paintings you should put on the walls of your room. Also, we will know which Vastu rules should be kept in mind while putting paintings.

1. Painting of the rising sun

We all know that the rising sun is very important in Hinduism. It is believed that the rising sun is a symbol of "new beginning and hope", "life and energy". Therefore, putting a painting of the rising sun in the east direction increases positive energy in the house.


2. Running horse
It is believed that a running horse is a symbol of leadership and courage. Also, the horse is also seen as a symbol of success. According to Vastu, putting a painting of a running horse in the south direction leads to career growth and financial gain.

3. Peacock feathers

Peacock is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Putting a painting of peacock feathers in the west direction brings happiness and wealth in the house.

4. Photo of green bamboo
The painting of green bamboo is seen in very few people's homes, but this painting can be very special for your room. Green bamboo is considered a symbol of progress and development. Putting a photo of green bamboo in the north direction leads to growth in business and new opportunities in life.


5. Photo of Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha is considered to be wisdom and Vighnaharta. Lord Ganesha has a special place in Hinduism. Putting a photo of Lord Ganesha in the northeast corner maintains happiness, peace and prosperity in the house.


Apart from directions, keep these things in mind while putting up a painting -
According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the painting always clean and in good condition brings Goddess Lakshmi in the house.

Do not put broken or damaged paintings in the house.

The size and color of the painting should be according to the house.

Put the painting with the choice and consent of the family members.

Disclaimer: This article is based on folk beliefs. English ENT 24*7 is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information and facts included in this article.

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