Vastu Tips: Do 5 measures related to the lamp in Pitru Paksha, take special care of the direction..


Vastu tips for lighting a lamp: Lighting a lamp is considered very auspicious in Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma. Because none of his worship is complete without lighting a lamp. However, the scriptures, it has been told about lighting lamps in different ways for each deity. For example, Goddess Lakshmi loves a ghee lamp, while Hanuman ji loves a jasmine oil lamp and Shani Dev loves a mustard oil lamp. By lighting a lamp or lamp regularly, positive energy circulates in the house and the deities are pleased. Similarly, lighting a lamp in Pitru Paksha is also considered auspicious. Please tell that, Pitru Paksha is going to start from 28 September 2023. In such a situation, if you light a lamp in the right direction during Pitru Paksha, which lasts for 15 days, then you will get the blessings of your ancestors. Along with this, wishes will also be fulfilled. Let us know from Unnao's astrologer Pandit Rishikant Mishra that lighting a lamp in this direction of the house is considered auspicious in Pitru Paksha.


It is very auspicious to light a lamp at these places of the house
Light a lamp in the south direction on Pitru Paksha: By the way, in many houses, lamps are lit during morning worship and in the evening during Sandhyavandan. But lighting a lamp daily during Pitru Paksha and keeping it in the south direction is considered very auspicious. Tell that, this direction is considered to be of ancestors. By doing this remedy, the ancestors become happy and also get their blessings.

Light a ghee lamp in the northeast corner: Goddess Lakshmi will shower her blessings on you by lighting a cow's ghee lamp daily in the northeast corner (the direction between north and east) of the house. This never causes financial problems in the house. By doing this daily, the ancestors become very happy, and with the blessings of the ancestors, all their wishes are fulfilled.

Light a lamp on the Peepal tree: The ancestors are happy to light a lamp on the Peepal tree during Pitru Paksha. It is believed that along with the gods and goddesses, ancestors also reside on the Peepal tree. In such a situation, if you light a lamp of ghee by giving water to the Peepal tree daily during Pitru Paksha, then you will get his blessings. Apart from this, you will also get rid of Pitra Dosh.

Light a lamp near the water in the kitchen: In astrology, some such measures have been mentioned, by doing which the forefathers are happy. Tell them that, if you light a lamp near the drinking water in the kitchen on regular evenings during Pitru Paksha, then you will get the blessings of the ancestors. Along with this, both mother Lakshmi and mother Annapurna will also be happy.


Light a lamp at the main door of the house: In astrology, lighting a lamp at the main door of the house is also considered very auspicious. Negative energy does not enter the house by regularly lighting a mustard oil lamp at the main door in the morning and especially in the evening. Apart from this, due to the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, there is always money, wealth, and happiness in the house.

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