Vastu Tips: Curtains bring positive energy in the house, know the Vastu tips related to it before installing them


Vastu Tips: According to Vastu Shastra, some things should be kept in mind while installing curtains in the house. Know about these rules of Vastu related to curtains, which bring happiness in the house.
Vastu Tips For Curtain: According to Vastu Shastra, curtains in the house are not only decorative items but also have positive energy. Curtains installed in the right color, type and direction bring happiness and prosperity in the house. Some special rules have been made in Vastu Shastra related to curtains in the house. Not following these rules of Vastu related to curtains can also cause harm. Let us know what kind of curtain should be installed in which room of the house.

Vastu rules related to curtains

Sunrise happens in the east direction, so install curtains of light colors in this direction. The flow of energy is fast in the south direction, so install red, orange and pink colored curtains in this direction.

Sunset happens in the west direction, so blue and green colored curtains should be installed in this direction.

If there is a drawing room or a separate room for guests in the house, then put almond or cream coloured curtains there. It is believed that this keeps the house bright and happiness and prosperity come in the house.
Blue, brown or orange coloured curtains should be put on the windows and doors of the head of the house's room. This keeps the health of the head of the house better and positive energy remains in the whole house. The members of the house progress due to the effect of this colour.
If you are newly married, then pay special attention to the choice of the colour of the curtains. Husband and wife should put red, purple or pink coloured curtains in their room. This brings a new energy in married life. Also, romance increases between husband and wife.
Get green, blue or pink coloured curtains installed in the children's study room. These colours are considered to be indicators of peace and health. If there is a study room, then putting green coloured curtains in it increases the concentration of children and they concentrate on studies.
The most sacred place in the house is the place of worship. The curtains in this room should always be orange or light yellow. Both these colors are considered symbols of purity. By putting curtains of this color, a sattvik atmosphere remains in the whole house.

If there is often a quarrel between the members of your house or they do not get along with each other, then you should put red curtains in the south direction of your house. This will increase love among your family members and mutual relationships will also be strengthened. If your financial condition is not good, then put blue curtains in the north direction of your house. This will start improving your financial condition.

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