Vastu Tips: Be careful if you keep plants in the bathroom, happiness can be snatched away


Vastu Shastra: To maintain happiness and peace in life, it is necessary that the Vastu of every room and corner of the house is correct. Even small mistakes in the bathroom can cause Vastu Dosh.

Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra For Bathroom: Vastu Shastra plays an important role in increasing the flow of positive energy at home and removing negativity. If everything from house construction to house maintenance is done according to Vastu, then happiness and prosperity resides in the house and everyone in the family lives lovingly.

Some people feel that it is necessary to follow Vastu rules only while building a house, but it is not so. Along with house construction, the decoration of the house like furniture, painting, curtains, floor or wall color etc. and plants also have an impact on the house and family. Therefore, the direction and importance of small and big things kept at home has been told in Vastu Shastra.

If these things are kept according to Vastu, then happiness and peace remains in the house and negativity increases due to wrong direction or wrong things, due to which Vastu Dosh arises and one has to face all kinds of problems.

Do not keep these plants in the bathroom even by mistake

Talking about the bathroom of the house (Bathroom Vastu Tips), nowadays many people decorate the bathroom like the house. For this, many types of paintings, flowers, bathroom fragrances and plants are also planted. If you also keep indoor plants in your bathroom, then be careful.

Vastu Shastra tells about such plants which are auspicious for the house, but they should be avoided keeping them in the bathroom. Keeping these plants in the bathroom can cause misfortune. Let's know about these plants-

Money Plant: Money plant can be easily planted anywhere in soil or water. It also looks very beautiful. That's why people also plant it in the bathroom. But do not plant money plant in the bathroom even by mistake. Because the bathroom is a place where we wash dirty clothes, take bath and discard dirt. At the same time, in Hindu Dharma, money plant is considered a factor of happiness and prosperity. According to astrology, money plant is related to Venus Planet. In such a situation, planting money plant in the bathroom can lead to money-related problems. However, money plant is considered very auspicious for the house.

Bonsai Plant: Bonsai plant should never be planted inside the house. This plant looks very attractive. But according to Vastu Shastra, planting it at home is considered inauspicious. This plant can cause misfortune. Therefore, do not plant Bonsai plant in the house or any room of the house and bathroom etc.

Jade Plant: Jade plant is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra to Feng Shui. You can plant it anywhere in your house, it is very lucky for the house. But one should avoid planting the jade plant in the bathroom.

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