Vastu Tips: Alum removes negative energy, use it like this for success


Vastu Tips: Alum remedies are considered very effective to remove negativity from the house. Let's know what remedies related to alum are mentioned in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu tips related to alum

Using the remedies of Vastu Shastra removes negative energy from the house and brings positive energy. Vastu defects occur due to negative energy in the house. According to Vastu, alum is considered very effective in removing Vastu defects. Let's know about these Vastu tips related to alum.

Alum removes Vastu defects of the house

To remove Vastu defects of the house, keep some pieces of alum in a bowl. Keep this bowl in a corner of the house where no one can see it. This gradually removes the negative energy of the house. Keep changing alum from time to time.

If you are not able to get success in your work, business or job even after continuous efforts, then the reason for this can also be Vastu Dosh. For this, tie a piece of alum in a black cloth. Now hang it at the main entrance of the house or shop, this removes negativity.

Vastu Dosh also affects the health of the family members. Due to this, the people of the house often remain ill. For this, put alum in the water used to mop the house and mop the house with this alum water. This keeps the health of the people of the house good.

Direction and place have special importance in Vastu Shastra. Keeping a piece of alum around the window and door in the house does not allow negative energy to enter the house. If there is often discord in the house, then to remove it, keep alum in a glass plate and keep changing it every month.

Alum also protects from evil eye. For this, you can wear an alum amulet. Children can also be protected from evil eye by making them wear this amulet. Hanging alum on the main door of the house prevents negative energy from entering.

If you want to succeed in studies, you can use alum. Keep a piece of alum on your study table. Drink alum water before the exam.

Make a solution by mixing one spoon of alum in a bucket of water. Sprinkle this solution on all the corners and doors of the house. Alum water is beneficial to remove negative energy from the house.

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