Vastu Rules for Stairs: Do not make these things under the stairs even by mistake, it may cause Vastu defects...


Vastu Rules for Stairs: Vastu Shastra is one of the oldest sciences in the Hindu system. Directions have great importance in Vastu Shastra. In this, some rules have been made for every small and big thing in the house. Due to this, a positive atmosphere is maintained in the house. In Vastu Shastra, it is prohibited to build some things below the staircase. This may cause Vaastu defects in the house.


What is the right direction?
The south-west direction is said to be the best for making stairs. Avoid building these in any other part, especially in the North East direction, as it is believed to cause financial loss to the homeowner.

These things should not be under the stairs
According to Vastu, there should never be a temple under the stairs. This increases the situation of discord in the house. Also, a place for storing water should not be made just below the stairs. This increases the financial crunch in the house.

Keep these things in mind
Toilets should never be built under the stairs. This may cause Vaastu defects in the house. Due to this family members have to face many problems. Study room should not be made under the stairs. He has difficulty concentrating on his studies.


What should be the number of stairs?
According to Vastu, the steps should be in an odd number, such as 9, 15, or 21. These numbers are considered lucky for homes as they can bring luck and good fortune to the home. Also, experts recommend that the number of stairs in a house should never end with zero.

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