Vaping: 'Vaping' is ruining many lives, if there is no alert now, then these diseases will affect the skin


Vaping Side Effects: Most of the people who smoke these days are moving towards vaping. Vaping is considered more dangerous for health than smoking. But still, its craze is increasing among the youth. Vaping is an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), which is becoming an addiction even for non-smokers. Its effects on health are worse than smoking. However, despite this, it is being used indiscriminately all over the world.


According to a report, about 4.3 million people in Britain are using e-cigarettes. This figure was around 8,00,000 till a decade ago. Many studies have found that electronic cigarettes are badly damaging the lungs. Not only this but it is also being said that there can be a risk of cancer in those who do vaping. Many skin experts have also warned that the liquid present in vaping can also harm your skin. Let us know what kind of bad effects can be caused by vaping on the skin.

1. Brings premature ageing: Experts said that the nicotine found in vaping can make your skin age quickly. The nicotine present in liquid vapes can break down collagen, which causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Drugs also make the blood vessels narrower.

2. Makes skin dry, and causes inflammation: Along with premature ageing, skin also becomes dry due to vaping and all this is due to the chemical propylene glycol present in e-cigarettes. Inhaling this chemical can dry your skin. This is because this propylene glycol absorbs water from your body and skin and deprives it of the necessary hydration. Because of this the skin becomes flaky.

For people whose skin is already dry, vaping further aggravates their problems and causes itching and patches. Vaping contains many chemicals which also cause inflammation of the skin. The greater the inflammation, the greater the likelihood of melanin production in the skin.


3. There may be more pimples: By regular vaping, you may get pimples and the skin may get damaged. Inhaling toxins during vaping can make your skin worse than before. Moreover, it makes the chronic problem of inflammation worse. If you are already suffering from a chronic skin problem like eczema, then vaping can aggravate your problem.

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