Vaping Side Effects: The hobby of vaping is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, it can be a dangerous disease


Vaping Symptoms: Everyone knows that cigarette is injurious to health. But for those who are fond of vaping instead of cigarettes, it is also important to know that vaping also has a very bad effect on health. In the beginning, it was assumed that e-cigarettes would replace smoking for good. Many people believe that it is better to use it instead of a cigarette, but research from many health organizations shows that vaping may seem safe, but still it can be harmful to your health. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of vapes, it is important to understand the dangers of vaping. In this article, know which diseases you can suffer from being fond of vaping.


Lung problem
Inhaling the chemicals from vaping can cause inflammation in the lungs and damage them over time. People who enjoy vaping can have diseases like bronchitis, and asthma.

Nicotine addiction
Almost all vape liquids contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance that has adverse effects on the health of your heart. There is a possibility of addiction to vaping continuously every day.

Popcorn lung disease
The diacetyl substance that is in some vapes has been linked to a lung condition known as popcorn lung disease (bronchiolitis obliterans). Breathlessness, wheezing and chest tightness are symptoms of popcorn lung disease. If ignored, these symptoms can get worse over time.

Heart disease
Many researchers may warn of heart diseases associated with vaping. It is dangerous for heart health by increasing the risk of heart attack, and stroke. Vaping can release nicotine into the body which affects blood pressure levels. Over time, vaping damages blood vessels.


Cancer risk
Vaping can increase your risk of cancer in your body depending on your diet and lifestyle and the level of pollution in your area. Prolonged exposure to highly toxic to your body and many harmful chemicals present in the juice is dangerous. Vaping habits can increase the risk of cancer, including cancer of the mouth, cancer of the tongue or cancer of the throat.

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