Urine Infection: Stopping urine is very dangerous, do not make this mistake even by mistake! Otherwise these problems can happen


Urine Problem: Passing urine is a natural process. In summer the person passes less urine, whereas in winter one has to pass more urine. In fact, in summer, water leaves the body in the form of sweat, whereas in winter, such a situation does not happen. For this reason, more urine comes in summer. People feel refreshed by urinating. But there are some people, who hold urine forcibly or forcibly. If urine is stopped once or twice, then there is no problem. But if the process of stopping urine is repeated then it can prove to be dangerous. Let's try to know what could be the harm of stopping urine.


Urinary tract infection
If you keep urine for a long time, then there may be a problem of infection in the way of urine. Bacteria start growing in the urinary tract. This can cause problems like blood in the urine, a burning sensation, dark-coloured urine, and pain in the lower abdomen. This type of problem is more common in women because they hold urine for a long time.

Feel pain
People who hold urine for a long time. There may be a feeling of pain in their bladder and kidneys. There is pressure on the kidney to get the toxins out. But stopping urine hinders this process. This causes pain in the urine muscles and kidneys.

Kidney stones
Holding urine for a long time is often seen in the kidney. Where there is pain. At the same time, stopping urine for a long time can also cause stone problems. The risk of kidney damage increases due to the formation of more stones.


Bladder can burst
If you are stopping urine again and again, then it starts weakening the walls of the bladder. If this situation is repeated for a long time, then there can be a risk of bladder bursting. There can be a possibility of urine leakage. Due to this, unbearable pain also starts in the private part.

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