Uric Acid Diet: If uric acid increases, exclude these things from the diet, know what food will control it...


Uric Acid Diet: Uric acid is a toxic substance in the body. When it increases in the body, problems like pain, swelling, arthritis, etc. start occurring in the joints. Not only this, but when uric acid increases, the liver does not function properly. What we eat also increases and decreases uric acid in the body. Therefore, you should take special care of your diet. Eat such things that keep uric acid levels normal. So let us know, what should be eaten and what should be avoided when the amount of uric acid increases.


When uric acid increases in the body, one may suffer from joint pain. In such a situation, you can include bananas in your diet. These yellow fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which reduces the amount of uric acid in the body. Eating bananas also keeps your digestion healthy.

Apple is a rich source of fiber. It helps in reducing uric acid. Apart from this, malic acid present in apples is also helpful in reducing the level of uric acid. If you want to reduce the increased uric acid in the body naturally, then definitely include apple in your diet.

You can drink coffee to normalize high uric acid levels. It can help in reducing uric acid levels. If you are troubled by high uric acid, then include coffee in limited quantity in your diet.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is quite popular for reducing uric acid levels. If you are suffering from joint pain due to increasing uric acid, then lemon juice can be a healthy option for you.


Do not eat these things when uric acid increases
If the amount of uric acid is high, avoid eating red meat, organic meat, seafood etc.
Pulses are rich in protein. It protects your body from many diseases. If uric acid has increased in the body, then one should avoid eating pulses.
When uric acid level increases, one should avoid eating sweet things.

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