UPI Transactions: Shock to the customers of Kotak Bank! SMS alerts will no longer be available for UPI transactions


If your account is in Kotak Mahindra Bank then this news can be of your use. Kotak Bank has implemented a new rule from today i.e. Thursday. According to this rule, now customers will not get messages for some UPI transactions. Now in such a situation, if the money is deducted due to failure of payment many times, then they may have to face trouble. The bank has given this information to its customers through messages. Let us know that for the amount of UPI transactions, the customers will not get the message and where can the customers get the information about it.


SMS will not come for these transactions
On Thursday, the bank informed its customers through a message that now customers will not get the message of debit of less than Rs 100. On the other hand, even if an amount of Rs 500 or less comes to your account through UPI, you will not get its message. The bank has implemented this rule with immediate effect from May 15. However, customers will get complete details of their money in their bank statements.

To get the message, you have to do this work
If customers want SMS for every transaction, they will have to enable SMS banking from their Kotak mobile banking. After this, they will get the message of every transaction.


How to make UPI payments through Kotak Bank's app
First of all, you have to open Kotak's mobile app.
Now you have to go to My Kotak or Banking section and click on BHIM UPI.
Now click on Manage VPA and click on Create VPA.
Now select the account which you want to link with VPA.
Now enter your VPA.
Now check your details and click on confirm.
Now you will be able to use UPI from Kotak's Mobile Banking App. (PC. Social media)

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