UPI Tips: This fraud is happening to people in the name of UPI, are you also making a mistake?


Ever since the scope of making online payments has increased, there has been a huge increase in the cases of online scams and fraud. Even though we can do payment transactions through UPI in just a few seconds. But we also need to avoid scams and frauds happening in its name. These days a scam is going on in the name of UPI. We are going to talk about this here.


What is this new scam?
In the present time, scammers have found many ways to cheat people. These days a scam is coming to light rapidly. Scammers make payments through a fake UPI app and also show the person the screen of transaction success. But in reality, the payment never reaches the receiver. This is called Payment Spoof.

How do people get trapped in payment spoofs?
Actually, these days many fake UPI apps have come. There are many such apps available on Google Play Store in which a screenshot of transaction success can be easily created.

In such apps, a page of Go to Fake Pay appears, on clicking which there is an option to enter the details of the receiver. These people fill in the name and enter the amount. Not only this, date and time are also put in it.

After this, a trick is adopted to maintain the closing balance in history, so that no one has any doubt. After doing all this, a successful transaction page is generated which looks exactly like the original, and many people get trapped in this.


How to protect
     To avoid this type of scam, you should keep some things in mind.

     If you use UPI as a merchant then definitely get the speaker installed.
Because of this, you get a notification when the payment comes.

     You can set the facility to receive notifications when payment is received on the phone itself.

     Use only RBI-registered UPI to make payment.

     Be sure to check the transaction history to verify the received payment.

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