UPI Lite: You can make digital payments without entering a UPI PIN, only this much amount can be transacted in a day..


In this era of digital payments, smartphones are also being used for digital transactions. Payment can be made in one tap through the UPI app present on the phone.

However, along with making a payment in one tap, there is also a need to enter the UPI PIN. When the same UPI PIN is entered for small PINs, it can be a time-consuming task for any smartphone user. The UPI Lite facility comes in handy for such a situation.


What is UPI Lite?
UPI Lite is an online wallet in the UPI app. This online wallet has been introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India with the facility of making payments without entering a PIN.

UPI Lite can be used only with Google Pay and the Bhim App. Let us tell you, that this online wallet has been brought only for low-cost payments.

What is the limit of UPI Lite?
If you use UPI Lite, then it will be necessary to keep in mind a limit (UPI Lite Transaction Limit)-

The transaction limit with UPI Lite has been fixed at Rs 500.

With UPI Lite, you can add up to Rs 4000 in a day with multiple payments.

With UPI Lite, you can hold only Rs 2000 at a time.

How to use UPI Lite
UPI Lite can be used with Google's GPay app. If you use the app, you will be able to see UPI Lite on the home page as soon as you open the app.


As soon as you tap on UPI Lite, you will come to the option of adding money to the wallet from the bank account. Now here you can tap on the option of 100, 500, 1000, or maximum. Now you can add the amount by tapping on Add and entering the UPI PIN.

The next time you use Google Pay for any small payment, the UPI Lite option appears on the screen. With just a tap, you can make the payment without entering the PIN.

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