UPI App Update: Check the number of transactions done on the UPI App, Download a PDF file like this..


Those days are not old when the transaction history of the bank account was retrieved after standing in line for hours in the bank. However, in the digital era, everything is being done online. Now, online payment is being made for everything from a needle to an elephant.


If you also make online payments, then you must also have UPI apps on your phone. If we say that you can get the details of bank account transactions on your phone itself, then this thing will draw your attention for a moment.

This special facility is available on PhonePe
Yes, if you use PhonePe for UPI, then you can get the transaction history of the bank account transactions on the phone itself in a jiffy.

PhonePe provides the facility to check the transactions made from the bank account and transaction statement. If your number and account number are being used to receive and give payment on PhonePe, then you can get the statement of the amount coming and going into the account in a PDF file.

How to get bank statements online
First of all, you have to open the PhonePe app on the phone.

Now the option of History is visible in the top right corner of the home page itself.

Now by tapping on this option, you get the information on debit credit transactions.

To download this information in PDF, you have to tap on Download Statement.

Now the time range has to be selected for the duration of transaction history you want.

Here you can select any one option from the Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 180 Days, and Last 365 Days.

As soon as you select any one option, after the green tick, you have to click on Proceed.


Now you have to tap on View Statement.

Now you can check this file with PDF Viewer.

In the PDF file, you will see the deducted amount with debit and the added amount with credit. The date and time of the transaction can also be checked in this file.

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