Health Tips: Ultra-Processed Foods cause many deadly diseases, keep these things in mind..


Ultra-Processed Foods: Due to the use of salt, sugar, fat, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners, problems related to fatty liver and intestines are becoming very common, that is, ultra-processed food is becoming the root of many diseases. Till now all the attention in the country has been on the problem of malnutrition. No one paid attention to the problems caused by over-nutrition. Today, on one hand, there is malnutrition, on the other hand, the challenge of diseases caused by excessive consumption of junk food is spreading rapidly.


Risk increasing due to lack of nutrients
Along with food security, there is a need to pay attention to nutritional security. We have to be cautious about what effect the food we are eating has on our health. Are we getting adequate amounts of nutrients like minerals, and vitamins, which the body needs from food or are we taking only uncontrolled calories from food? The habit of eating chocolate, sugary confectionery, and salty snacks is inviting diseases.

Consume whole grains
When we talk about nutritious food, our dependence on whole food i.e. whole grains has to be increased. It exists completely in its natural form. Nothing is added or reduced from it. Due to the preservation of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, it is beneficial for the body and health. But when salt, oil, or sugar is added to it, the taste increases but its quality is lost.

Caution in consuming ultra-processed food
Sugar, fat, salt, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, flavors, and many types of chemicals are being added to ultra-processed food. Its use is increasing due to its ease of transportation and long-term storage. But keep in mind, that its excessive use can become the root of many problems. Similarly, there is a need to be careful regarding carbonated drinks. The packaged juice that we drink considering it beneficial for health also contains a lot of sugar.

Fear of diseases
Fiber-free and flavourful, the habit of ultra-processed food needs to be avoided. Fat increases due to excess calories in the body. Due to this, along with obesity, diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and cardiovascular also come. Along with obesity, there is also a risk of cancer. This increases the risk of breast cancer, uterus, liver, and gall bladder cancer. Nowadays, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is also increasing. Obesity can also cause problems like anxiety and depression.

It is necessary to adopt these measures
If someone has a habit of excess sugar, reduce it gradually.
If you frequently eat chocolate or biscuits, replace it with homemade breakfast or food.

While taking any kind of canned food or snacks, read its label. This gives accurate information about the level of salt, sugar, and fat in it.
Nowadays, initiatives are being taken regarding millets, these have been our traditional food, which is healthy and beneficial. If we are preparing food at home, then make sure that it is clean and nutritious. Take tiffin to the workplace also.
If you stop eating outside, you can get rid of many problems.
For health, we have to be aware at our own level.
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