Types of Hybrid Cars: What are hybrid cars? These are the differences between Plug-in and Mild Hybrid


Difference Between Mild and Plug-in Hybrid: The craze of hybrid vehicles is increasing in the country. There are three types of hybrid cars. These vehicles are in the market with better power and features.

What is Hybrid Cars: Hybrid cars are those vehicles in which petrol or diesel engine is connected with electric motor. Hybrid cars are more eco-friendly vehicles than petrol or diesel cars. The reason behind this is that due to less use of fuel in these vehicles, the emission of carbon-di-oxide is very low.

Benefits of being a hybrid car

Due to the presence of fuel engine along with electric motor in hybrid cars, the car owner does not have to worry about the range. This is more seen in self-charging hybrid cars, because in this the electric battery gets charged from the on-board internal combustion engine. In this way, this car works as a conventional car. At the same time, this car can be easily converted from a conventional car to a battery car.

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) are those cars whose battery is charged from an external power source. Due to this, the battery of a plug-in hybrid car becomes larger than that of a hybrid car and more electric charge can be stored in it.

These cars can mostly be charged with the help of an external source. Fuel is used in a plug-in hybrid vehicle when the car is taken on a long journey and the charging of the car is over.

What is a mild hybrid?

Mild hybrid cars are those in which a small electric generator is used instead of a traditional motor starter. This increases fuel efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Whenever the car needs to accelerate or the car is restarted after stopping, it gets power from the generator.

Along with this, mild hybrid cars help in storing energy during braking. As soon as the brakes are applied to the car, the energy goes back to the battery and that battery is then used for further driving.

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