Tulsi Vastu Tips: If the Tulsi plant is planted in the house then do not make these mistakes..


Tulsi Plant Vastu Tips: Tulsi has special importance even in Sanatan Dharma. Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is also known as Harivallabha and Vishnupriya. According to religious belief, in a house where there is a Tulsi plant and there is regular worship, there is always happiness and prosperity. Tulsi is also considered very important in Vastu. Basil plant promotes positive energy by removing negative energy. If you have a Tulsi plant in your house too, then it is very important to keep some things in mind. Tulsi is considered to bring good luck, but if it is not kept properly, due to some mistakes, problems may come in your life instead of good luck. Let us know which mistakes should not be made while keeping Tulsi at home.


Direction of basil
Tulsi plants planted in the wrong direction can give harm instead of benefit. According to Vastu, basil should not be kept in the east or southeast direction of the house. It is auspicious to keep the Tulsi plant from north to east-north i.e. northeast.

Don't let the basil dry
If you have a Tulsi plant in your house too, then it is very important to take special care of it. Tulsi plants should never be allowed to dry. If the Tulsi plant dries up, it is considered a sign of bad luck.

Do not keep these things near Tulsi
Tulsi is considered very sacred and worshipable in Hinduism, so special care should be taken for its maintenance. Cleanliness should always be kept near the Tulsi plant. Shoes-slippers, dirty clothes or broom, etc. should not be kept around it. Apart from this, basil should always be plucked with clean hands.


Do not plant Tulsi at this place
Some people also plant basil in the ground in their houses, but this should not be done. Basil should never be planted in the ground. It is always considered auspicious to plant Tulsi plant in a pot.

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