Travel Tips: Want to travel on a low budget? Visit 4 cities, the journey will become memorable forever..


Low Budget Travel Places: Many people start getting bored while living at home. In such a situation, they want to go for a walk to get refreshed, but many times their budget does not allow it. In such a situation, today we tell you about some such places, where you can plan a trip on a low budget (Best places to travel on a low budget). So let's know about these places.


If you want to visit a place where you can enjoy fully but do not spend too much money, then you can make a plan for any of these places mentioned here.

If you want to visit the hill station on a low budget, then you can make a trip to Kasol. Please tell that Kasol is present in Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. Which is a very famous hill station. You will like to visit Kasol in a natural and beautiful environment and your money will not be spent too much.

If you want to explore the historical place, then for this you can plan a trip to Hampi near Bangalore in Karnataka. The name of Hampi is counted among the major religious places of South India. Hampi is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, which once used to be the capital of Vijayanagara. There are many beautiful historical buildings in Hampi.

To visit the religious place, you can go to Varanasi i.e. Banaras of Uttar Pradesh. Please tell us that Varanasi is considered to be the oldest city in the world. This city is situated on the banks of river Ganges and is famous for Hindu and Buddhist religious places. In Varanasi, you can see a panoramic view of the beautiful ghats of the Ganges. Along with this, one can also visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Buddhist places of Sarnath.


You can also explore Binsar of Uttarakhand on a low budget. Binsar is situated at a distance of only 24 km from Almora. It is known as a famous hill station situated on the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand. You can also visit the Mahadev Temple and visit the National Park in Binsar.
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