Travel Tips: These temples of India were built in just one night, know about them...


You must have seen many temples in our country, which are no less than a miracle. Many of these are hundreds of years old and each temple has its own story associated with its creation. Today we are going to tell you something similar, which was made in one night. The story behind making them is also very interesting, let us tell you about these temples.


Mystery of Govind Dev Ji Temple
The temple is located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, and the local people believe that it was built overnight. Additionally, people believe that this structure was built by both gods and demons in honor of Lord Vishnu. It is said that the temple was left unfinished as they could not complete it before sunrise.

Mystery of Deoghar Temple
Believed to have been built by Lord Vishwakarma, the Deoghar Temple in Jharkhand is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Once Ravana decided to take Lord Shiva to Lanka in the form of Shivling. Shiva agreed, but only on one condition that the linga should not touch the ground. Ravana was molested and the Shivling touched the ground. It was difficult to move the Shivling from where it was on the ground. That's why Lord Vishwakarma had to build a temple here overnight.

The Secret of Kakanmatho
There is a story behind the construction of this famous temple built amidst the moraines of Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that the temple was built overnight by the devotees of Shiva. Furthermore, this temple was built without using mortar or cement.

Secret of Hatiya Deval
There is a temple of Lord Shiva in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, which is known as Hatiya Deval. It is believed that this temple was built by a single-hand craftsman in one night. However, in the case of getting the Shivling made earlier in the night, it was done in the opposite direction. For this reason, Shivling is not worshiped here.


Mystery of Bhojeshwar Temple
Locals believe that Lord Shiva appeared to the Pandavas in their dreams during their exile. The next morning he spoke to his mother about this, on which she advised the Pandavas to build a temple where they had dreamed, so the construction of the Bhojeshwar temple was completed overnight.
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