Travel Tips: These are the unheard historical buildings of India, which no one has ever seen or heard of...


India has always been known for its diverse culture. The Indian subcontinent has a long history of invaders and tourists. During this time these people constructed many buildings. Most of the structures from this time were demolished or rebuilt during the reign of the new rulers. But today all these constructions are losing their specialty due to lack of security and attention. So let us tell you about some such historical buildings of India, about which tourists know very little, but everyone must come here at least once in their life.


Bidar Fort
Situated in the Deccan Plateau, Bidar is known as the City of Whispering Monuments. The Bahamas monument was built in the 15th century. When Sultan Allah Uddin Bahman shifted his capital from Gulbarga to Bidar.

Sarkhej Roza
Sarkhej Roja is a mosque and mausoleum in Makarba village near Ahmedabad. It was once a famous center of Sufi culture. Sufi saint Sheikh Ahmed Ganj Bakhsh used to live here. Sarkhej Roja is called the Acropolis of Ahmedabad.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli
Salim Singh Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer was built in the year 1815 on the foundation of the present Haveli. Built-in a distinctive style, the building has many interesting features. Another feature of the building is the 38 balconies, each with its unique design.

Marble palace
The Marble Palace was built by Raja Rajendra Malik in Kolkata. It is a structure that reflects the Bengali architecture. The palace is made entirely of white stones and has a beautiful garden in front of it. The heirs of the royal family take the tourists visiting here. Let the heirs still live in the palace.

Maluti Temple
Maluti, a small town in Jharkhand, has more than 70 terracotta temples that leave an indelible mark on history. It is one of the most historical places in India. This temple needs strict management. These temples were built under the Baj Basanta dynasty, and have scenes from Hindu epics.


Glass palace
The Glass Palace is a square glass palace located near Akbar's Tomb in Agra. Due to the work of tiles in its construction, it is called the Palace of Glass. The palace was originally built as a residence for royal women. But later it started being used as a hunting ground. The building is surrounded by a magnificent garden. The tourists coming here cannot be mesmerized by the beauty of this place.
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