Travel Tips: These are the 5 ancient temples of Purnia, devotees come from Bihar-Bengal and Nepal, the work is done by sweeping!


There are many historical and ancient temples in Purnia, Bihar. This includes many temples including City Kali Temple and Mata Puran Devi. Devotees from Nepal also come here.


There are many historical and ancient temples in Purnia, Bihar. This also includes the Kali Temple, which is situated on the banks of the Son River. It is approximately 250 years old. It is believed that special worship rituals are performed in the temple on Amavasya Tithi. Devotees from Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, and Nepal gather to worship in this temple.

Maa Kamakhya temple located in Majra Panchayat of Purnia Kenagar block is also very ancient and historical. Experts believe that this temple of Mata is more than 400 years old. In this temple, leprosy or skin disease patients are cured only by sweeping.

Among the ancient and philosophical temples of Purnia, Mata Sthan Temple of Purnia is also there, whose history is said to be 500 years old. It is situated in Chunapur of Purnia and devotees from far and wide come here to seek their wishes. There is a crowd of devotees here from morning till evening.

There is also a temple of Mata Purandevi Temple in Purnia. According to people, this is a 600-year-old temple. This temple of Purnia is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim culture. Purnia is also named after this temple. It is believed that the land for this temple was given by a Nawab named Shaukat Ali of the Muslim community. Devotees come to the temple from Nepal, Bengal, and other states. Here one attains the happiness of having children.


Mahadev is seated in a four-faced form on the right side of the Purandevi Mata temple campus of Purnia. This is a 600-year-old temple. At the same time, the priest of the temple said that this four-faced Shivalinga was established by a Mahatma named Hattinath. People come from far and wide to worship at this place.

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