Travel Tips: Ravana's Ashok Vatika is still present in this village, where Sita Mata was kept in captivity...


Everyone is familiar with the story of Ramayana in India. Children also know that Lord Rama had to go into exile for 14 years after his marriage to Mother Sita. Meanwhile, Ravana, the king of Lanka, abducted Mother Sita and kept her in his Ashoka Vatika for a few days. But the question is whether the Ashoka Vatika exists in Sri Lanka today. And if so, what is it like? All these things increase the eagerness of people to visit this place. So let's know some interesting facts related to Ravana's Ashok Vatika.


Ashok Vatika was built inside the palace
Ashok Vatika was built inside Ravana's palace. The Ashoka tree under which Sita was sitting is still famous as Sita Elya. Research by a research committee of the Sri Lankan government has revealed that Sita Elya is Ashoka Vatika. It is the same today as it was then.

Hanumanji's footprints are present
Everyone knows that Hanumanji went to Lanka in search of Mother Sita on the orders of Lord Rama. He threw Lord Rama's ring at Sita Mata, which made her realize that Lord Rama had sent Hanuman. You will be surprised to know that even today there is a place in Sri Lanka where the footprints of Hanumanji are found. Foot-shaped pits have been formed on the rock on which his foot fell. These marks can still be seen today.

The soil of Ashok Vatika is still black
The Archaeological Department has found a palace in Sri Lanka, which is believed to be from the Ramayana period. It is described in the Ramayana that after Hanumanji burnt Lanka, the soil here turned black. which is still black. While the soil of other parts of Sri Lanka is red.

Red color Sita flower on Ashoka tree
Ashoka trees attract everyone's attention after visiting this garden. It is believed that when its leaf is held in the hand, the flow of 'Chaitanya' is felt in the whole body. The special thing about this tree is that red flowers bloom twice a year on this tree. This is called Sita Phool. It is said that this tree removed Sita's sorrow by giving her mother's love, hence it is called the 'Ashoka' tree.


The garden path is very difficult
The road to Ashok Vatika situated on the hill on the banks of river Sita in Sita Eliya village is very difficult. The mountain is covered with dense forest. The people living here also do not dare to go to the forest.

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