Travel Tips: Now there will be no more expenditure, you will get 50 percent discount on traveling in these states..


Most of the people plan to travel during monsoon. Hey brother, who would not like to see beautiful valleys in this season? Seeing the high mountains and the beautiful nature around amidst light showers, everyone's mind wants to go to such a place. There are many places in India that you will enjoy visiting during the rainy season.


Himachal Pradesh is one of these places. If you have not been able to visit here because of the high cost, then go now. Because now tourists coming here are getting up to 50 percent discount. This will also reduce your expenses and you will be able to spend your holidays in a pleasant environment. So let's know about this great offer.

Why is the discount being given?
You must also be wondering why a tourist destination like Himachal Pradesh is offering a 50 percent discount. The thing is that due to heavy rain these days, there has been a decrease in the number of tourists coming here. Due to this hotels, homestays, and kholi are lying vacant. The owners have to bear the loss of this. Apart from this, due to the non-availability of tourists, the state government's income from tax is also decreasing. In such a situation, to promote tourists, an offer of up to 50 percent discount has been introduced.

What's on offer
First of all, let us tell you that this offer is only till 15th September. Those travelers who go to visit Himachal Pradesh before 15th September will get the benefit of this offer. Under this offer, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Corporation has decided to give up to 50 percent discount on the rent of the hotels operated by it. Please note that this discount applies only to hotel bookings.

These tourist places were affected-
Due to the rains, tourism has been greatly affected due to the lack of tourists in major places like Kullu, Manali, Lahaul, and Spiti. Let us tell you that in the first six months of the year, 1.06 crore tourists had come here, so far. Within the first six months, tourist arrivals by 30 June had surpassed all previous records. These are the popular destinations in Himachal, but a good number of tourists were also reaching the offbeat destinations of the tribal areas of Lahaul.


Solo travelers going to Kashmir
Recent research by Travel Fintech Sankash has found that almost 35 percent of solo travelers prefer to visit Jammu and Kashmir on holidays. After this, 25 percent of people go to Manali and 14 percent of people go to Shimla. Jammu and Kashmir, Manali and Shimla are his favorite destinations for solo travelers. Mussoorie, Sikkim, and Goa are other preferred destinations with bookings at 9 percent, 7 percent and 5 per cent respectively.
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