Travel Tips: Meghalaya is considered heaven on earth, even the sick become healthy after seeing the natural beauty and greenery...


Lush green valleys, wild rivers passing through forests, ancient waterfalls, and supernatural views of nature. Beautiful cherry blossom forests spread far and wide. Most people choose such places to visit which are equipped with natural beauty. One such place is Meghalaya which is a very beautiful place located in the eastern state of India. Meghalaya tourist destination is known for its beautiful mountain ranges, heavy rainfall, sunshine, high plateaus, breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and attractive grasslands. Meghalaya Tourist Place has great importance from a tourism point of view. There are many things in this state that once you visit, you will want to come here again and again.


Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is counted among those places where along with urban life, natural beauty is also visible. This place is situated at an altitude of 1491 meters above sea level, which is also called Scotland of the East. Mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and caves add to the beauty of Shillong. When you come here, do visit Shillong Peak, Umiam Lake, Hathi Waterfall, Sweet Falls, and other tourist places.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
You must have seen Double Decker Living Root Bridge on the internet or any TV channel. This naturally formed bridge located in the forests of Meghalaya is approximately 200 years old. This bridge is very popular among tourists and people from all over the country and abroad come here to see it and do photography. This bridge looks full of mysteries amidst greenery and forests.

Jaintia Hills
Tourist Place of Meghalaya Jaintia Hills is the land of majestic hills and is a part of the former Jaintia Kingdom. This tourist destination is full of rich natural vegetation and mineral wealth. This hill located in Meghalaya is an important part of many Patkai hills. This mountain range is spread across the India-Myanmar border. However, Jaintia Hills are smaller hills than Khansi and Garon Hills.

Masawdong Falls
Mawsawdong Waterfall, also known as Dengdoh Waterfalls, is one of the less famous but beautiful places in Meghalaya. Located in Mawkama village on the outskirts of Sohra district, this waterfall looks very spectacular and the best thing is that there is less crowd of tourists here. If you want to go to a quiet place, you can go here once.

Elephant Falls
The waterfall that falls like a stream of milk from a high plateau is known as Elephant Falls. This is a major waterfall located in Meghalaya, Its name was given because of its elephant shape. However, it was damaged due to the earthquake that occurred during the year 1897. But even today this waterfall is quite popular among tourists.


Dawki Lake
Dawki Lake is a Jaintia Hills located in the West district of Meghalaya. Dawki is located on the border of India and Bangladesh. For this reason, Dawki Lake remains a major center of trade between India and Bangladesh. Dawki Lake is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. Dawki looks very beautiful as a tourist destination during the spring month. A boat riding competition is also organized on Dawki Lake. The beauty of this place, greenery, river, cold water, bridge, etc. is enough to attract tourists.
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