Travel Tips: Do not go to these places to visit in the month of March, the fun of traveling can be gritty...


Places Not to Visit in March: Winters are ending by March, while there is not much heat. In this season, neither the bitter cold of December-January bothers the people nor the melting sticky heat of June-July. In such a situation, planning a trip this month can be a better opportunity. Children's school examinations are also almost over in March. That's why you can go on a trip for a holiday. You can find great options for many places to visit in the pleasant weather of March. However, some places should be avoided in March. If you are planning a trip this month and choosing a place, then do not go to some places at all, otherwise, the fun of the journey will become gritty along with the wastage of money and time.


Avoid traveling to these places in March-

Mild summer starts in March and due to the change in weather, you can avoid visiting Jaisalmer this month. Jaisalmer is near the Thar Desert and the temperature here rises very high during this season.

If you like to visit historical places then Khajuraho is a better option but the decision to visit Khajuraho in March will not be very convenient. The best time to visit Khajuraho is from September to February. The weather here is good to visit during these months.

The most popular tourist destinations include Goa, which is a better time to visit during the winter season. In March, the heat starts increasing and there is strong sunlight. Traveling to Goa during this month can be uncomfortable and the rising temperature can be a problem.


Chennai is also a good place for tourists to visit. There are many tourist places in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, but the best time to visit Chennai is from October to February. Due to the increasing heat in March, traveling to Chennai can be a bit uncomfortable. So avoid going to Chennai this month.

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