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Even before the summer holidays start, people start making travel plans. There is a continent where everyone wants to go, but only a few make it. We are talking about the continent of Antarctica. It is the coldest of all the seven continents on Earth. Its 98 percent part is covered by a thick sheet of ice for 12 months. Most people want to know more and more about this place. But, if you want to travel to Antarctica then it is not easy.


The continent of Antarctica is called the world's most dangerous tourist destination. Strong icy winds blow in this continent situated at the South Pole. Antarctica is covered with an ice sheet about 2 km thick. Please tell us that Antarctica is also called the last end of the world. Despite the blood-chilling cold, the continent has many tourist attractions to visit. Explain that the continent of Antarctica is the only place in the world where there is six months of day and six months of night. Winter and summer are the only two seasons here.

There is darkness for six months and light for six months.
On the continent of Antarctica, there is continuous light for six months in summer and six months of darkness in winter. Mount Vinson is the highest peak in Antarctica. This peak, about 4,892 meters high, is also called Vinson Massif. Please tell that Padmashree Dr. Arunima Sinha has hoisted the Indian flag on the top of this mountain. This peak attracts many climbers.
What are the places to visit in Antarctica?
The Antarctic Peninsula is located at the South Pole in the northern part of the Antarctic continent. This peninsula is one of the best places for tourism. This place is also called the 'House of Ice Forest'. The mountain peaks and huge glaciers here attract people towards them. You can see a large number of penguins here. Apart from this, the South Shetland Islands are also considered very attractive from the point of view of tourism in Antarctica. Completely covered with ice, this island is 160 km north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

In what season to travel to the Antarctic continent
Researchers from different countries come to do research in the research centers present in the South Shetland Islands. Apart from this, there are many interesting places in Antarctica like the Drake Passage, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia. Traveling here is considered an adventure. It is not in everybody's capacity to go here. In such a condition very few people can reach here to have darshan. Summer is considered the best season to visit the continent of Antarctica.


Antarctic ice is melting fast
Scientists are always keeping an eye on this continent. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, in February 2023, 19.1 lakh square kilometers of ice melted in Antarctica. While in February 2022, 19.2 lakh square kilometers of ice had melted. According to scientists, the ice of Antarctica is now melting rapidly. Since 1979, the situation in Antarctica has been monitored by satellite. Due to the rapid increase in the summer season in the last few years, there is a lot of snow melting here.
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