Travel: This is the mysterious temple of India where after visiting you will not be able to live without remembering God...


Located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, this temple is called Kiradu Temple. It is said about this temple that whatever falls here in the evening turns into stone. This is called the curse of the monk. If you have not heard about Yamraj's temple, then definitely know. The temple of Himachal is very famous. It is believed that eunuchs are the first to bring everyone's soul here after death. That's why there are four doors in the temple. This is what is happening all around.


Here, after the judgment of Yaman, the soul of an impotent person is taken out through different doors according to his deeds. If you see the inside view of this temple then your senses will fly away. Balaji Temple located in Mehandipur, Rajasthan is also a mystery. There is also a temple of Shri Pretaraj Sarkar here. People affected by the love of ghosts are treated here. You will need courage and patience to witness the scenery here.

This temple in the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan was once the center of faith of the devotees, but today it has become synonymous with fear. It is said that a strange power has been experienced here. Due to this devotees cannot come to this temple.


Temple of Goddess Kamakhya in Assam, where the genitals of Goddess Sati are said to have fallen. That's why this place has been the stronghold and favorite place of Tantric Sadhana for centuries. It is said that whoever finds a piece of the mother's cloth here, all his wishes are fulfilled. The importance of this dress is said a lot.
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