Travel: These are the most luxurious airports in the world in front of which 5 stars have faded ...


We cover a short distance from one place to another by air through the airport. With the passage of time man is progressing and new technologies are being born in the brain-based world. Today we are telling you about some of the best airports in the world, which look no less than a palatial palace and have every facility including five-star hotels, luxurious restaurants, clubs, bars, malls, and shopping complexes.


-Singapore Changi Airport: If we talk about the most luxurious airport in the world, then the name of Singapore's Changi Airport will come first. From this luxurious airport, 200 destinations of the world can be reached by air. The design of this luxury airport is superb, and the outdoor garden adds to its beauty.

-Tokyo International Airport: This airport in Tokyo is ranked second among the most luxurious airports in the world. More than 60 million people travel through this airport every year.

-Incheon International Airport: Incheon International Airport is the third-best airport in the world. This airport is the largest and busiest airport in South Korea. The airport has also received the 'Airport of the Year award for being luxurious and beautiful.

-Hong Kong: International Airport Hong Kong International Airport is the fourth best airport in the world. Passengers will be able to shop, party, eat and drink at this airport. All kinds of luxury facilities are available at this place.


-Munich Airport: Munich Airport ranks fifth among the most luxurious airports in the world. Food, water, shopping, and other activities can be done from more than 200 places inside this airport in Germany.
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